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2016 Annual Workshop at Georgetown University

“Differentiating Through Design”

 closer look at the program design process and how it can be improved, innovated, and leveraged to create opportunity in a crowded space. 

No matter the provider, at the heart of a successful executive education experience is a well-designed program. From content to instructors to delivery methods, finding the right mix that will target the unique needs of a client or participant is critical.

This year’s summer UNICON conference at Georgetown University will examine multiple aspects of the design process and identify ways in which we can all improve and innovate. From collaborating with faculty to designing in an international context, we will hear from peers and experts on the program design process and how we can leverage it to differentiate in a crowded space.

The UNICON Annual Workshop is scheduled for July 20-21.

Only individuals from current UNICON member organizations may attend.




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