2018 Message from UNICON Board Chair Tina Narron

2018 Message from UNICON Board Chair Tina Narron

Dear fellow UNICON Members,

I hope this new year is off to a terrific start for each of you.  Whether you’re enjoying 30 degrees Celsius or dealing with 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I hope you, your family and your organization are doing well and are poised for a great 2018!

We closed out last year enjoying the exceptionally successful Team Development conference at Monterrey Tech.  The conference challenged us to look at the future in new ways.  We talked about the implications for our industry of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the digital generation and much more.  I was reminded just how unpredictable the future is, and how fast everything changes.  It reaffirmed my commitment to making sure UNICON does everything it can to prepare you, our members, to see around the next corner and be as ready as possible for this exciting, ever-fluid future.

So, as we begin this new year, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the strategic initiatives that UNICON began last year, and which we look forward to continuing in 2018.  First and foremost, we want to recommit to increasing member engagement.  We want you to feel part of this great organization; to feel connected to it.  One way to accomplish this is through enhanced communication.  We will continue to refine the new UNICON website to offer more insights, more information and more opportunities for interaction.  Every visit to the website ought to help you deal with your day-to-day challenges – even if in just a small way.

We will continue to selectively collaborate with other organizations in the executive education ecosystem.  University-based executive education is not an island.  Our customers see us as a critical option in a universe of executive development options, and they expect us to play well with others.  As an organization, UNICON is committed to modeling that behavior.

We know our volunteers are busy, and that the success of their efforts depends on a number of valuable partners.  So, we will continue to maintain an appropriate balance of volunteer and professional resources to provide you with the highest quality service and the greatest possible value.

Other priorities include new research projects, webinars, and benchmarking surveys.  In particular, I invite you to look for the upcoming research report on the Digital Generation, and the St. Gallen Survey which will be available this spring.  And, of course, our wonderful conferences!  In April, our Directors Conference will take place at BI Norwegian Business School.  We’ll be at MIT in July for the Annual Workshop, and are looking forward to the 2018 Team Development conference at University of Maryland in the fall.

This is an exciting time to be working in this industry.   And it is a wonderful time to be involved with UNICON.  But not just in a passive way.  I encourage you to help shape what UNICON is, and the activities in which we engage by continuing to provide your valuable feedback.

Wishing you and your organization a great 2018!


Tina Narron



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