2020 Team Development Conference Group Registration Update

2020 Team Development Conference Group Registration Update

Thunderbird School of Global Management is proud to host the UNICON 2020 Team Development Conference. Held virtually from 8 AM to 1 PM EST, on November 17 through November 20th and designed to be globally engaging.

The deadline for group rate discounts is Friday, November 6.

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Hear from Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, CEO, Director General and Dean of Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Theme: Shaping Executive Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4I R) through Inclusion, Intelligence, Innovation, and Impact.

Together, we’ll harness leading-edge technology, top-notch facilitation, renowned industry experts, and our global and functionally organized community to advance executive education’s current drivers, challenges, and future opportunities.

There has never been a year like this before in which executive education units have had to change so much in such a short period of time. We will address key intelligences and required competencies that are essential to correctly diagnosing dimensions of change through executive education.

What innovations are expected to emerge after the COVID-19 pandemic? How can executive education effectively transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution when it comes to adopting technology? We will explore how to meet the needs of organizations today and beyond.

Through the power of education, we can make an impact on a global level. We will discuss what the ultimate role of education should be and how we can effectively measure its impact on people, organizations and societies.

​​​​​Registration: The conference fee is fairly priced and offers a first-ever discounted multi-registrant tiered pricing structure to encourage a greater global community gathering.

Newcomer Session: Mark your Calendar. The 2020 TDC Newcomer Session, for anyone new to UNICON. Hosted by Robert S. Dietel, Director of Executive Programs MIT, Sloan, this session is intended to welcome and inform new members of UNICON, the consortium for university-based executive education.

Stay Tuned: On November 1, our conference platform will open, offering further detailed conference information, networking opportunities, and pre-conference engagement activity.


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