2020 UNICON Team Development Conference Day 1

2020 UNICON Team Development Conference Day 1

UNICON Team Development Conference: November 17-20, 2020

Hosted by Arizona State University Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Shaping Executive Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4I R) through Inclusion, Intelligence, Innovation, and Impact”

Host Thunderbird School of Global Management welcomed participants and set the stage for the conference theme of Inclusion, Intelligence, Innovation and Impact.

A Newcomers Workshop, a discussion of the current state of executive education, a session on the industry from the buyers side, and regionally-focused sessions on Asia and Africa rounded out the day.

Tuesday, November 17

Newcomers Workshop

Rob S. Dietel, Director, Executive Programs, MIT Sloan School of Management. This session is intended to welcome and inform new members of UNICON, the consortium for university-based executive education. UNICON members are the global reference for executive education. The Newcomers Session will welcome UNICON’s newest members to the organization and provide them with details on the many resources available and how to maximize the value of membership. Rob detailed the structure, services, membership and expectations of UNICON.

Newcomer session slides

Newcomers Workshop recording

Conference Opening

Lise Hammergren

Opening Remarks with UNICON Board Chair Lise Hammergren, BI Norwegian Business School

Conference Opening slides

Conference Opening Recording

Thunderbird Welcome

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, Dean & Director General, Thunderbird School of Global Management

UNICON 2020 host Thunderbird School of Global Management will welcome participants to UNICON’s most global and digitally inclusive conference to date: Shaping Executive Education in the Global Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) through Inclusion, Intelligence, Innovation, Impact. Together, we’ll harness leading-edge technology, top-notch facilitation, renowned industry experts, and our global and functionally organized community to advance Executive Education’s current drivers, challenges, and future opportunities.

Thunderbird Welcome Recording

InterACTION: Brainstorming & Crowdsourcing the current state of Executive Education

Dr. Tom Hunsaker, Associate Dean of Innovation, Thunderbird School of Global Management
Carleen Bobrowski, Senior Director of Executive Education, Thunderbird School of Global Management

How are Inclusion, Intelligence, Innovation and Impact driving Executive Education demand and practice? How are members shaping their efforts to meet these demands?


Session Introduction

Breakout Session with Tom

Miro Board

Breakout Session with Carleen

Miro Board

Session Wrap-up

Plenary: Voices From Industry

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, Marwan Al Gannas, Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, Kumi Naidoo, Maria Anguiano, Sanjyot Dunung

Voice, experience, and perspective from the industry/buyer side of Executive Education; understanding the needs of our clients in a new global professional development dynamic.

UNICON_2020_Day 1_version 2_Plenary


Main Stage Wrap: Key Questions, Insights, Actions

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, Dean & Director General, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Recap of the day; highlights of community engagement and outcomes from InterACTION Brainstorming.

Stay connected throughout the day and join us for regionally-focused sessions – Global Regionally-Focused Sessions and Global Sounds and Sights – for social networking.


Virtual Gallery Walk: Eastern Africa

A virtual gallery exhibition to showcase Eastern Africa Art by Sammy Lutaya, Tim Ochola, Selome Muleta, Yassir Ali, and Bezalel Ngabo.

African Art Gallery

Global Regionally-Focused Session: Africa

Dr. Monica Kerretts-Makau, Paul Ngugi, Anthony Masozera, Driss Benchaffai, Marieme Diop Maiga

Join others in your region or from around the globe for a tailored engagement focused on African interests and experiences. In this session, we will discuss developing the workforce in Africa and designing the future of executive education.



Global Sights & Sounds: Focus on Health, Wellness, and Sustainable Business Practices

Elysabeth Alfano

  • Founder, Plant Powered Consulting: Growing Plant-based Business
  • Managing Director, North America, Vegconomist
  • Host of the Plantbased Business Hour

Join and celebrate your health and overall wellness, focusing on ways to ‘squash’ out “zoom-fatigue” through a healthy, plant-based cooking demo while exploring the world of sustainable business and plant powered entrepreneurship.

Health Recording

Global Regionally-Focused Session: Asia

Mary Teagarden, Doug Guthrie, Gbemi Disu, M Edi Isdwiarto, Kenji Fuma, Monica Kapadia Mehta

Join our distinguished guest speakers for a tailored engagement focused on Asian interests and experiences. This session will address key competencies needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how various parts of Executive Education are influenced to adapt to help build these competencies.

UNICON_2020 Asia

Asia Recording


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