Benchmarking: Past, Present & Future

Benchmarking: Past, Present & Future

UNICON’s annual Benchmarking Survey closed this past week with 98 institutions responding, up 3 schools from 2019 and an 85% response rate.   Thank you to all member institutions who participated, particularly during this extraordinary and stressful year!   Next up:

    • The 2020 Benchmarking Report will be released to participating schools during the week of November 9th
    • The Benchmarking Committee will report out on results at the Team Conference on November 18th – featuring new data on in-person to digital conversion and many other valuable categories of information relevant to doing Exec Ed work in 2020. The Conference will also include roundtables on leadership, business development and operations perspectives on Benchmarking
    • For participating schools, the 2020 Executive Summary will be available in December and Infographics early in 2021.




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