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Business Education: The Secret to Building Positive US-Russian Relations

“In my view, the academic and business leaders of Russia and America have a unique opportunity to contribute to a new system of positive productive international relations. The following article presents a perspective on how to leverage and use business education and cooperation, with minimal political influence, to help build these relations in a positive way and as a source for good.

…Can US and Russian schools be expected to continue partnering, and if so, how? And finally, to what degree could the Trump presidency strengthen or weaken Russia-US collaboration, either benefiting or imperiling the effort to construct mutually beneficial communities for business learning?

In response to these questions, this article endeavors to examine the inherent challenges and opportunities facing US-Russian business school partnerships as the Trump administration takes power. It will also share best practices and experiences around creating meaningful relationships, emphasizing using education as a source for good.” – Greg Marchi

Greg Marchi is Chief Global Representative for Skolkovo, Moscow School of Management and an international business school consultant and entrepreneur.

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