Call for Executive Education Research Proposals

Call for Executive Education Research Proposals

Call for Executive Education Research Proposals

Do you or one of your faculty have an Executive Education research idea?

Cutting-edge research is one of UNICON’s main activities, guided and coordinated by the Research Committee. We actively welcome proposals and provide grants for original research focused on university-based executive education. Past research has covered topics such as pedagogical innovation, social media impact, blended learning, mobile technologies and leveraging alumni relationships.

UNICON-sponsored research seeks to deepen the understanding of the role of executive education, while generating practical knowledge for members and other practitioners. By publishing your research, you will be opening up a conversation about your topic, while making a vital contribution to the executive education field.

If you, or a faculty member at your university, have an idea for a project, we invite you to submit a brief description to the Research Committee. We especially want to hear from researchers at member schools doing work in the field of management development. Please send your research description to Giuseppe Auricchio or
Taryn Streed

Your idea will be carefully evaluated by the committee. Feedback and further guidance will be provided as soon as possible.

To see the entire archive of UNICON-sponsored research, visit the Content Hub on the website:

Access the entire archive now


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