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2020 UNICON Online Workshop – July 8 – 9

Hosted by Yale School of Management Executive Education

Professor Rodrigo Canales reviewed the growing need for companies to innovate in today’s marketplace. He taught a powerful tool for innovation called Reframing, in which leaders use customer archetypes to generate insights and new ideas.

Reframing_2020 PDF

Innovation Groupwork


2020 Online Directors’ Conference – March 25th -27th

Hosted by the University of Virginia, Darden School

Conference Schedule

March 25 –

The first session reviewed results of the two COVID-19 surveys sent to UNICON primary representatives this month.  McKinsey Global Institute presented on the Future of Work and lifelong learning. David Blake of LearnIn explained why he thinks upskilling will be widely adopted by companies and why that may pose challenges for existing executive education models.


March 26 –

The second session featured a joint presentation by AACSB and SHRM on alignment between supply and demand for leadership development programming.

Research Questions:

  • Does LD mean different things for business schools and employers?
  • What are the types of qualities and desired outcomes of leaders?
  • How are business schools developing leaders? Is it in line with what employers need?


March 27 –

The Friday session focused on leading an HR function during significant disruption.

  • The Future of Executive Learning in an AI-Powered World, The machine/ human interface: Deploying executive coaching at scale and incorporating Artificial Intelligence to design personalized development journeys – Dr. Matt Barney, CEO LeaderAMP
  • NASA’s Future of Work: Framework and Talent Priorities, Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer and Elizabeth Kolmstetter, PhD, Director of Talent Strategy and Engagement, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer



UNICON Team Development Conference: November 20-22, 2019

Hosted by Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California USA

Newcomers Workshop

Melanie Weaver Barnett, Chief Executive Education Officer, Michigan Ross, Rob Dietel, Director, Executive Programs, MIT Sloan. With the help of clear and succinct infographics, Melanie and Rob detailed the structure, services, membership and expectations of UNICON.

Conference Welcome

The UNICON Team Development Conference had many behind the scene professionals from the Silicon Valley Executive Center making the conference a seamless event. They presented logistical details for the events and set up for the dedicated conference app. A history of the university and its ties to the early California Jesuit settlers closed out the remarks.

Learning Leadership Presentation

Based upon the book: LEARNING LEADERSHIP – A Lifetime of Growth and Mastery
Presented by: Jim Kouzes, Executive Fellow, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University

Summing up: You must believe you can, aspire to excel, challenge yourself, engage support, and practice deliberately

The Table Group Workshops

How “healthy” is your organization? How “smart” is it? The breakout sessions asked folks to rate their organizations on these two “requirements for success”.

Closing Remarks

A call for silent reflection on what personal responsibility and commitment to the team and organization are necessary to achieve common goals.


UNICON Workshop: July 17-18, 2019

Hosted by Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Preread: Designing_for_Results, Phillips and Phillips

Preread: Rutgers_Learning_&_Development_Survey_Data


Group presentations – Atlantic_County – Collaboration

Group presentations – Bergen County – Collaboration

Group presentations – Cape May – Skills

Group presentations – Hunterdon County – Skills

Group presentations –Essex County – Succession

Group presentations – Union County – Succession

Group presentations – Middlesex County – Profitability

Group presentations – Somerset_County – Profitability

Group presentations – Ocean_County – Growth

Images from the Workshop


UNICON 2019 Directors Conference

“In Search of Identity for Creating the Future”

April 24-26, 2019

Unicon Skolkovo Program Outline


Antitrust Statement Peter Hirst

SKOLKOVO Welcome – Andrei Sharonov, Marina Karban

Conference Statistics – Marina Karban

Presenting SKOLKOVO – Andrei Sharonov, President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

“In Search of Identity for Creating the Future”Conference Intro Karban

Global Context:

Economy at the Crossroads – Marat Atnashev, Ruben Enikolopov

Economy at the Crossroads Energy Sector – Tatiana Mitrova

Questions for Reflection – Group work & Reflection session – Marat Atnashev

What stands behind the “Enigmatic Russian Soul – Elizabeth Sadova, Igor Fedyukin

Tech change and global networks – Ruben Enikolopov, Rector, New Economic School


Future of Education. New Landscape & Ecosystem – Pavel Luksha
Learning to Thrive in a Complex World: Future Skills & Educational Ecosystems

Introduction to the Flash Foresight Methodology – Pavel Luksha
Flash Foresight Methodology

Tech change and global networks Enikolopov – Ruben Enikolopov


FLASH Foresight Session Results-April 26 – Pavel Luksha

Frank group: How to Innovate – Marcus Frank and Group

Kinetica Innovation – Vladimir Pirozhkov



All lecturers and discussion leaders are from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business unless otherwise noted.

Concurrent 1.1 –

“How Might We Better Engage Faculty in Support of Executive Education?”
Shalini Bhatia, Director of Program and Business Development, Stanford University;
Bill DeCristofano, Associate Director, Open Enrollment Program, Wharton
Jennifer Hicks, Director, Engagement, Darden Executive Education
Tricia Kullis, Director, International Custom Programs, IESE Business School

Concurrent 1.2

“Changing the Landscape of Marketing”
Kirsten Sands Rauscher, Director, CRM

Concurrent 1.4

“Show Me the $: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Financial Acumen”
Prof. Joe Perfetti, Finance

Concurrent 1.6 –

“Leveraging Industry Disruption for Innovative Partnerships”
Dr. Christina Elson, Assoc. Research Professor, Management & Organization and
Dr. Pamela Armstrong, Clinical Professor, Decision, Operations & Information Technologies

Concurrent 2.3 –

“Political Savvy”
Stephen Robbins, Program Director

Concurrent 2.4 –

“Leveraging the Lessons of Experience Through Deliberate Practice”
Neta Moye, Clinical Professor of Management

Concurrent 2.5

“Partners in Prosperity Ideas Opportunities and Resources for Coopetition”
Peter Methot, Executive Director, Executive Education, Rutgers Business School;
Jon Kaupla, President/Executive Director Center for Professional & Executive Development, Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin;
Chris Thompson, Executive Director, Executive Education, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Concurrent 1.9

“Mindfulness: The Impact of Being Here Now
Michelle Somerday, Ph.D.

Plenary 1.2

“Lifelong Learning & Executive Education: The Future for Business Education”
Presented by Tom Robinson, PhD, President and CEO, AACSB

Plenary 2.3

“Building Optimal Relationships”

Neta Moye, PhD, Clinical Professor of Management

Schedule brochure

Descriptions & Bios


UNICON Annual Hack Workshop

Held July 24-25
MIT Sloan School
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Agenda – UNICON Annual Workshop

1. L.Thackery_Hackathon Playbook

2. L.Thackery_The-Hackathon-and-hacking-at-Microsoft_LT

3. L.Amini_AI on the Cloud sloan hack workshop

4. A.Jean_algo_code_MITSloan

5. A.Jean_coding_games

6. A.Jean_lecture

7. A.Jean_plan_UNICON

8. AppInventor CampusMap

9. AppInventor CloudPoll tutorial

10. 3DICC_ImmersiveTerf_GettingStarted_v2

2018 UNICON Directors’ Conference

Digital transformation and changes in organizing Executive Education

Location: BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway

Executive Education At A Crossroad

Digital transformation – New mindset for businesses and executive education

How artificial intelligence and technology redefine the business landscape

Change is the new normal

April 25 –

“Innovation in Norway beyond oil and gas”
Hilde C. Bjørnland
Centre for Applied Macro- and Petroleum economics (CAMP)
BI Norwegian Business School

“Designing the digital organization”
Charles C. Snow, Øystein Devik Fjeldstad and Arthur M. Langer
from research published in the Journal of Organization Design (2017) 6:7

“Banking in the 21st century”
Solveig Hellebust,
Group EVP People & Operations, DNB bank

April 26 –

“Shaping future of executive education”
Professor Knut Haanaes, IMD

Leading the Digital Enterprise
BI Norwegian Business School

“How Artificial Intelligence will redefine management”
Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Assistant Professor, BI Norwegian Business School Senior Research
Fellow, Accenture

“Building a culture for trial and error at”
Anders Skoe, CEO

“Strategy as disciplined experimentation”
Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

“How to lead a digital enterprise”
(or: Building a culture for trial & error at
Anders Skoe, CEO

April 27 –

“Leadership Across Physical and Conceptual Barriers”
(applications of the semantic theory of survey response)
Professor Jan Ketil Arnulf BI Norwegian Business School

“Government Pension Fund Global”
Ole Christian Bech-Moen
Chief Investment Officer, Allocation Strategies

“Sustainable Modernity – the Nordic Model and Beyond”
A Challenge to the business school agenda.
Professor Atle Midttun BI Norwegian

All of the presentations above in one pdf file


2017 UNICON Team Development Conference:

ExEd 2.0

Creating the Future of Executive Education

Location: ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico.

The conference addressed the future of executive education in terms of new technologies, program structures and philosophies

As shown in this video, Tecnológico de Monterrey is honored to host the 2017 Team Development Conference.

Conference Website Still Active

Nov. 29 –

1.0 Newcomers Workshop – Devin William Bigoness, Cornell University

1.1 Nothing Will Ever Be The Same – Reflections on the impact of AI & ML on the nature and practice of Executive Education and on the Institutes that provide these services. – Anton Fishman, Director, Fishman & Partners

1.2 New trends and technologies for Executive Development – José Escamilla de los Santos, TecLabs

Nov. 30 –

2.1 The Disruption Connection – Claire Masson, Financial Times – Instituto de Empresa Corporate Learning Alliance

W2 ExEd Customer Journey Mapping – Open Enrollment – Peter Methot, Rutgers University

The Journey to Creating Great Experiences – Peter Methot, Rutgers University

Dec. 1 –

3.2 Executive Education for a Digital Generation: Understanding the Implications of the Digital Generation on Business Education – Mónica Sacristán Directora de Extensión Universitaria y Desarrollo Ejecutivo, ITAM; Bill Scheurer, Executive Director, UNICON; Brian Mahoney, Managing Partner, Percept Research

Conference Wrap-up Video



UNICON Directors’ Conference:

Creating the Future

Viewing the Future of Executive Education Through the Lens of India

March 27-30, 2017

Location: Harvard Center Mumbai India Research Center

This conference focused on the future of executive education through the lens of India. The conference looked broadly at India as a rapidly developing economy (RDE) to understand how RDEs will transform the world economy and the global business landscape—and why we need to think about executive development on a much larger scale.

Immense business opportunities are emerging in the executive education industry. To help our clients succeed, we must understand the need for RDEs to develop next-generation leaders who are inspired to find solutions to mega challenges like income inequality, sustainability, and global security.

  • The Future of Executive Education: Framing the Challenges with Professor Das Narayandas
TUE 28 MAR: India “101”
  • Understanding India: A Laboratory of Global Challenges & Opportunities with Shekhar Gupta
  • Global Megatrends: A Fast-Forward View of What Lies Ahead with Shirish Sankhe
WED 29 MAR: How India, Inc. Will Shape the Future of Executive Education
Thu 30 MAR: India as a Global Innovation Engine

Team Development Conference – November 30 – December 2

Hosted by UCLA , Los Angeles, California, USA

Links to many of the presentations at UCLA below:

Day 1 – Wednesday, November 30

UNICON Benchmarking Pulse Survey – What will be the greatest challenge in 2017 for your program?

RESULTS Survey #1

Survey 1, Question 4 – Other Challenges Responses (31)

Newcomers’ Workshop

Bruin Benchmark


Directors’ Roundtable: “The Future of Business Education”

Changing Organizational Models of Executive Education – Eiter, Stine, Woll

Business School Partnerships, presented by Notre Dame and Skolkovo

Executive Education as Translators, Phillip Leslie, Chief Digital Economist & Vice President,


Day 2 – Thursday, December 1

Concurrent Sessions –

Leading Inclusively … Leadership Development for Executive Education Leaders – Malisa Gipson, Tammie Long, Georgia Institute of Technology

Salesforce: Building Relationships and Revenue with Technology – Ann Herring, Northwestern, Peter Methot, Rutgers, Edgar Cabrera, Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)

Where Strategy Meets Operations: Preparing for the Unexpected – Kianna Boatswain, Brittany Moses, University of Maryland; Kristin St. Marie, Michigan State University

Challenges and Best Practices in Identifying Client Needs, and how Business Development Addresses Them – Nicola Barrett, University of Virginia; Susan Callaghan, University of Notre Dame; Tabata Fernandez, ITAM


Day 3 – Friday, December 2

Devin Bigoness, Cornell University: UCLA Interview 12 02 2017
Devin addresses the content-context divide and the 4 things stakeholders ask of executive educators.

Concurrent Sessions –

“Asked and Answered: Tools for Critical Thinking” – Doug Lichtman, UCLA Law School

Fully Present – Diana Winston, UCLA
Link to Prezi powerpoint for Diana Winston’s Fully Present session

The Nobel Leader – Ken Bardach, Darwin Gillett, Fundação Dom Cabral

Resilience –  Derek Herrera CEO –Founder at Spinal Singularity, UCLA Anderson School of Management Class of 2015, 1st Marine Raider Battalion (MARSOC)

Innovation in Benchmarking – Rodrigo Amantea, Insper; Eric Bergemann, MIT Sloan School of Management

Benchmarking Creative Matrix



2015 Directors’ Conference – University of Cape Town, South Africa

Why Africa Now? From Turmoil to Triumph – Adrian Saville, Visiting Professor GIBS

African Futures and Drivers More Important or More Impoverished? – Greg Mills, The Brenthurst Foundation

Sub-Saharan African Mineral Deposits – graphic

2015 Team Development Conference – UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA

Charting the Competitive Landscape in Executive Education – Tony Laffoley Program Director, UNC Executive Education

Designing Our Way Into The Future – Lara Heberlein & Kati Clement-Frazier, UCLA

Preparing Leaders for Global and International Responsibility – Horace McCormick Jr.

2015 State of Digital Marketing – Webmarketing123 State of Digital Marketing Survey


UNICON Directors’ Conference @ HKUST
April 1-3, 2014

“Major Shifts in Executive Education: the Asian Momentum”

April 1

Plenary Session:

Emerging Opportunities in the Executive Education Market: the Asian Experience
Prof Joseph Salvacruz, HKUST Business School

April 3

“Major Shifts in Executive Education: the Asian Momentum” – Wrap-up

Plenary Presentation and Reflections: Learning from our Scenario Journey

jacket cover: “Profit Power Economics” by Dr Mia de Kuijper

The Most Powerful Paths to Profits – Twelve strategies to shape a company’s destiny –  Dr Mia de Kuijper

UNICON Futuring Presentation Summary, by Mia de Kuijper (PowerPoint originally)

Unicon Futuring Reflections, Dr Mia de Kuijper

2014 Workshop-IESC

July 22-23 2014, Barcelona

UNICON, Session 1 – All About Blended

UNICON, Session 2-5 – Digital Transformation – Looking beyond the Hype – Prof. Evgeny Kaganer

UNICON, Session 3 – The Challenge of Blended Learning – Jeffrey Pfeffer, Robert I. Sutton

UNICON, Session 4 – The Disruption of Blended

2014 Team Dev Notre Dame


Concurrent Session 1.4 – Disciplines of Speed in Exec Ed – Bill Peterson

Concurrent Session 3.1- Open_Enrollment

Conference Dashboards – EllieWeldon

Program Innovation Through Experimentation-12-04-14 – Mike Malefakis

Newcomers Workshop 2014 at Notre Dame

Tablet Is The New Binder – Peter Methot, Rutgers

The Leaders Speak: Corporate University Research Takeaways  – Mark Allen, Kim Maybar-Plaxe, Annick Renaud-Coulon

Corporate Universities: Are we capable of Investing? Based on “Same Solar System, Different Orbits. Opportunities  and Challenges in Executive Education and Corporate University Partnerships” 2014 UNICON Report, by Marie Eiter, Jim  Pulcrano, Jenny Stine, Toby Woll



2013 Directors’ Conference, Cranfield, United Kingdom

Keynote Speaker: Dave Coplin, Chief Invisioning Officer, Microsoft – “Business Re-Imagined: Shifts in the Digital Revolution

Business Re-Imagined Session Summary

Beyond the Horizon” – Professor Joe Nellis Director, Policy Strategy & Performance, Cranfield School of Management

Beyond the Horizon Session Summary

Track 1, Session 1:

Time for a New Paradigm: From Financial Accounting to Relational Thinking” – Roy Childs, Chartered Psychologist; Managing Director, Team Focus Ltd and Michael Schluter, CBE, Economist; Chief Executive, Relationships Global

Track 1, Session 2:

When Dynamic Markets Meets Skeletons – A Biomimetic Exploration of Executive Education’s Shells and Skills” – Patrick Reinmoeller, PhD Professor of Strategic Management, Cranfield School of Management

Track 1, Session 3:

The Customer of the Future: Co-Creating Value” – Dr. Emma MacDonald & Professor Hugh Wilson, Faculty members, Cranfield School of Management

The Customer of the Future: Session Summary

Track 2, Session 1:

Future Models of Executive Education. Trends, Data and Opinion” – Steve Mostyn, Roddy Millar IEDP

Future Models: Session Summary

Track 2, Session 2:

ONLINE LEARNING: Opportunity or Threat?”  – Presented by Michael Malefakis Associate Dean, Columbia Business School Executive Education

ONLINE LEARNING: Opportunity or Threat: Session Summary

Video interview with Mike Malefakis – In this interview, Mike talks about what the executive education industry will be like “in five years”.

Track 2, Session 3:

BUSINESS SCHOOLS AND CONSULTANTS: Sleeping with the enemy or a new model of Exec Ed?” – Steve Ludlow, Keith Leslie


Track 3, Session 1:

The future Leadership brain: implications of neuroscience for learning in business”
Dr. Tara Swart, Executive Peformance

The future Leadership brain: Session Summary

Track 3, Session 2:

The Past, Present and Future of Executive Education – Toby Thompson

Past, Present and Future:  Session Summary

Track 3, Session 3:

Developing the next generations: Changing demands, challenges and opportunities for Business Schools” – Dr Wendy Hirsh

MOOC Research Project

MOOCs and Executive Education” Research Report Prepared for UNICON –  Jennifer Kay Stine, Ph.D.

MOOCs and Executive Education: Session Summary


World Café

IE Business School – Joaquin Uribarri

ITAM – Monica Sacristan

Nyenrode – Nel Hildebrand and Selma Spaas

University of Pretoria – Lucy Voss-Price

St. Gallen – Marcus Frank

University of Vancouver – Bruce Weisner


UNICON Directors’ Conference

Host by INCAE, Costa Rica


April 19:


Corporate Social Responsibility

Shared Value

Philanthropy: Viva Trust case study

2012 Annual UNICON Workshop

Hosted by University of Michigan Ross School of Business

July, 2012

“Leveraging Social Media for Business Value in Executive Education”

What is Social Media” – Melanie Barnett Chief Executive Education Officer  and Dr. Alison Davis-Blake Dean, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Day Two Synthesis: Co-Creation Activity

Making the Web Work for You – Bram Bout, Education Sales Director, Google

UNICON Vancouver 2012 Team Development Conference

“Raising Your Game: The Business of Executive Education”
November 28 – 30, 2012

Hosted by University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business

Conference Program and Bios

Best Practices in Marketing Executive Education” – Pat Cataldo

Winning Long-Term Contracts Through Customer Service: Focus on International Clients” – Jean Choy, Associate Dean Executive Education & International Initiatives, University of British Columbia

Delivering an MIT Sloan Executive Education Experience” – Rachel Hutton, Group Program Manager MIT Sloan School of Management, Executive Education

Through the Kitchen Door: A  Recipe for Award‐Winning  Academic Partnerships” – Patti Tenenbaum, Denise Bumford Program Managers SMU Cox Executive Education

More Than Just Another Channel: Putting social media thinking at the heart of your marketing strategy” – Susie Hill Director of Technology & Operations, The University of Tennessee

The Newcomers Workshop – Frank R. Lloyd , Associate Dean, SMU Cox Executive Eduication and Cata Aranda, Head of Senior Executive Programs, ITAM Executive Development

You’re All Unique: Delivering a personalized experience to open enrollment clients”
Idunn EirJónsdóttir Director, Open Enrollment Programs, IESE Business School’re_All_Unique _Idunn Jondottir


2011 Team Development Conference, “Mission Possible – The Era of Executive Education”. – November 29-December 1, 2011″, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

“A Culture for Relentless Innovation”, Gerard J. Tellis, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

“Breaking the Mold on Blended Learning”, Marie Eiter and Toby Woll

“Communications Committee Report”, Larry Murphy, Harvard Business School, Co-Chair

“Going Mobile In Executive Education”, Dr. Carina Paine Schofield, Emily Taylor and Trudi West, Ashridge Business School

“Higher Education in Flux”, Lloyd Armstrong, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.

“Newcomers Presentation”, Catalina Aranda, ITAM and Frank Lloyd, SMU

“Strategic Dynamics of Corporate Learning”, Roland Deiser, Senior Fellow, Center for the Digital Future


2011 Annual Workshop, “Educating Intelligent Organizations” – July 14-July, 15, 2011″, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

UNICON 2011 Workshop Buzz Group Feedback, Prepared by Rochelle Weichman, Associate Dean, Sarah O’Brien, Program Manager and staff.



2010 Team Development Conference, “Innovation: The Path to Growth in Executive Education”, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Conference welcome and introduction, Pat Cataldo, Jr., UNC-Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business, Chair, UNICON Board of Directors

Conference Overview, Lou Centini, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, UNICON Emertius Board Chair

Newcomers Workshop, Frank Lloyd, SMU Cox School of Business, Emeritus UNICON Board member and Marily Schonthal, Northwestern Univeristy Kellogg School of Management

“Hope, headwinds or hurricanes? Charting a course for the global economy”, Joseph Lake, Editor/Economist, The Economist Intelligence Unit, November 2010

“Innovation in a Post-Recession Environment”, Robert F. Bruner, Dean, Darden School of Business

Panel Discussion: Customer Perspective, Jim Freedman, Fresenius Medical Care North America

“Role of Values and Leadership in Innovation”, Ed Freeman, University Professor, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

“Innovation Process: Introduction to Darden Innovation Model”, Ed Hess, Professor, University of Virginia Darden School of Business


Directors’ Conference, April 13-15, 2010, IMD – International Institute For Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland

What do Customers Really Want?, Michel

The A-h-h of Agility, Towards Building Deep Sustanability in Organizations

Introduction, Michel

School Experience Sharing: The Role of Business Schools in Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Enterprises, Zúñiga

Winning through Execution: Introduction to the Star Model, Deep Dive. Fischer

Looking Back on Our Success, Keys

Leading Change at a Business School, Meehan


Team Development Conference, December 2-4, 2009, University of Texas, Austin, Austin, Texas USA

Marketing Round Table: “The Exec Ed Competitive Space: B-Schools vs. Consulting Firms”, Bardach, Casey

“Investigating Innovations in Curriculum Design”, a UNICON Research Study, Eiter, Principal Investigator, Bean presenting

“Brain Performance and Emotional Intelligence”, for Sustainable Career Management, a self-coaching method, Caunegre

“Leverage a Great Brand to Advantage”, Haskins, Briant

“Newcomers’ Workshop 2009”, Lloyd, Schonthal

“Rethinking the Boundaries”, Sheppard


2009 Summer Burst meeting at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Management

“Back to the Future: Online Opportunities in Executive Education”, Fogerty, Lee and Connor

“Challenge 1: Business Models”, slide presentation

“Challenge 1: Business Model”, brainstorming responses

“Challenge 2 – Program Design”, brainstorming responses

“Challenge 3 – Growing the Business”, brainstorming responses

“Opportunity: Collaboration across the University”

Range of Variation in Executive Education ProgramsUCLA Anderson Faculty Presentation

“Bringing the Future to the Present”Challenging Our Ideas, Managing the Uncertainty, Creating a Plan

“Sales and Marketing in Difficult Times”, Breakout Session

“The Lay of the Land in Corporate Training and Education”, Bersin and Associates


2009 Spring Directors’ Conference, Washington University in St. Louis, Olin School of Business

“Key Takeaways”, Centini, Eiter

“Managerial Complexity, a Different Perspective”, Lele

“Investigating Our Custom Clients’ Evolving Needs”, Eiter

“Growing with Opportunities in China”, Qingjun, Liu

“Experiential Learning to Manage Complexity”Callahan, Pistrui, Delys

“What do we expect from a Business School in this crisis”, Bernhard

“EFMD CLIP Corporate Learning Improvement Process” , Plompen

“Crisis Survey Analysis”, Benchmarking Committee

“About CDW”, Berger


2008 Fall Team Development Conference, University of Washington, Foster School of Business 

“Daily Key Take-Aways”, Bardach, Schilling

“Detailed Daily Schedule”

“Generational Chart”, Schildkraut

“Takeaway and Commitment Sheet”, Schildkraut

“Customisation – Meeting the Client’s Needs”, Anderson

“Four Models of Program Management”, Arruda, Popa, Schilling and Schonthal

“Rigor and Relevance – A Challenge for Authentic Leadership Development”, Avolio and Ingersoll

“Complexity: Innovative Approaches to Cross Functional Issues”, Bardach and Shilling

“Creating An Effective Organization: Promoting Instrinsic Organizational Motivation In Work Teams”, Bigley

“Strategies to Maintaining a Steady Growth Despite the Economic Ups and Downs”, Choy and Frogley

“Customization – Health LEADS A customised leadership program for South Australia Health”, Houston

“From Engagement to Execution…and beyond”, Joiner, Landrum

“Developing and Living the Foster Brand”, McCoy and Noblis

“Global Products; Global Mindset; Global Delivery”, Shedden

“Keynote Speaker”, Richard Tait, Chief Boomboom of Boomboom Brands

“Crafting Attention-Grabbing, “Sticky” Messages”, Turner

“Going Global: How working with a foreign partner can help you grow your Executive Education business”, Weldon


2008 Summer Burst meeting at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“How Do We Show the Value of Executive Education?”, Raider

“The Program Experience”, McGurrin


2008 Directors’ Conference, Melbourne Business School, Mt. Eliza Executive Education 

5 Parallel Sessions Case Summaries

Can Business Schools Really Change?, Kirkbride

Are external executive education providers really necessary?, Bloch

Executive Education in Asia Pacific – The HKUST Story, Cheng

Innovation in Executive Development, Honore, Voller

Leading Integral Change at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona, Johnson

New Horizons for Executive Education in Asia Pacific – How do we learn from the differences of East and West and what are the different strategies for global co-operation?, Ho Yew Kee

Sustainability or Survival in a Changing World, Kininmonth

Fletcher Building Ltd, Ling

Executive Education in India: A View from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Abhoy

Alchemical Learning – A Model for Designing ‘Participatory Learning’, Rumboll

BI Norwegian School of Management, Executive Education – The Innovation Story, Ruud

5 Sacred Cows of Business Schools and Executive Education and why we should rethink them, Sinclair

Global Sustainability – What is the impact on our clients? Do business schools have a role to play?, Vinot


2007 UNICON Fall Conference, SMU, Cox School of Business

“Branding and Target Marketing”, Deborah Mitchell, Tammy Thayer

“Conditions and Dimensions of Innovation in Executive Education”, Voller, Honore – presented by Bill Lee, Karl Johnson

“Differences in Generations”, McGurrin

“Entering and Competing in Emerging Markets”, Barnett, Bendersky

“From Insight to Action”, Armstrong

“Gender Equity and Flexibility”, Williamson

“Immigration”, Athanasios Hristoulas (ppt)

“Newcomers Workshop”, Stilliard, LaCivita (ppt)

“Cultivating Niche Markets”, Bean, Dowling, Pierre

“Winning in New Market Segments”, Armstrong (ppt)

“Working With Associations”, Halperin


2006 Summer Burst meeting at Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Executive Education as a Transformation, Dinwoodie (Word doc)

Interaction map (PDF file)

When Technology is an Essential Part of Executive Education (PowerPoint)

When Executive Education is a process, Eiter (PowerPoint)


2006 Fall Conference, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

Ken Bardach shares his Conference Notes, Bardach (pdf)

Could Teaching Hospitals Provide a Model for Corporate Learning Environments?, Bleak

“Building strong brands”: the case of Ibmec Sao Paulo”, Borroni, Claro

Creating More Customer Loyalty, Cataldo

Creating a known and sustainable brand, Clark, Lau, Smith

Are We Customer-Centric? Marketing Survey Results, Kellogg School of Management.

Newcomers’ Workshop, Lloyd, LaCivita, Scheurer

Summary Feedback from Breakout Sessions


2005 UNICON Conference, Fundação Dom Cabral

Spring 2005 UNICON Conference, Hosted by Fundação Dom Cabral, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


2005 Fall Conference, Harvard Business School

Newcomers Workshop, Scheurer

“Creating and Sustaining International Partnerships”, Lang, Larson

“Careers in Executive Education”, Eiter, Halperin (pdf)

“Competitive Dynamics”, Rosenblum, Baerman (pdf)

“Academic Joint Ventures”, Bigoness, Flemington (pdf)

“Corporate University/Learning Center Partnerships, Centini, Shaffer (pdf)

“CRM Project Lifecycle”, Dougherty, Weeks, Dell (pdf)

Closing PowerPoint, Lewandowski (pdf)


2004 Spring Conference, Emory University

“ROI: The Client’s Perspective, Novartis Corporate Learning”, Antoine Tirard, April 18, 2004

“The Organizational Context for ROI Assessment”, James W. Dean, Jr,, Associate Dean for Executive Education, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina

“Corporate Learning Improvement Process – CLIP: Processes and Lessons Learned”, Dufour, European Foundation for Management Development

“Evolution of ROI Analysis in Executive Development”, Peter Topping, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

“Levels of Program Evaluation”, Richard D. Flanagan, Ph.D., Fort Hill Company

“Wachovia Executive Leadership Program”, Garrow, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

“ROI Experiences: Open Enrollment Case Study from Columbia”, Bill Klepper and Lyle Yorks, Columbia Business School Executive Education

“Assessing The Effects of Executive and Management Development on Learning Transfer…”, David Lewin and Neil Jacoby, UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management

“Using Assessment to Drive Executive Development”, Robert E. Lewis, Ph.D., Personnel Decisions International

“ROI Analysis of the UNICON Conference Part 1”, Dan McGurrin, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

“ROI Analysis of the UNICON Conference Part 2”, McGurrin

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Team Presentations