FDC Virtual Conference: New Models in the Executive Education Industry: Demand and Supply

FDC Virtual Conference: New Models in the Executive Education Industry: Demand and Supply

UNICON Directors’ Conference 2021

Virtually hosted by FDC – Fundação Dom Cabral

April 14-16

Wed. 9:00 am Eastern – Friday, 1:00 pm

The overarching theme, “New Models in the Executive Education Industry: Demand and Supply”
presented in a series of Zoom meetings over the three-day conference.

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Regardless the industry, current supply chain logistics are built for profit and delivery speed. Just one anomaly can wreak havoc on the entire intricate system.

We can safely say that the on-going pandemic qualifies as a significant disruptor, but what changes will remain when the pandemic is finally brought under control? What will the market for executive education demand of us? What new ways of collaboration will we need to develop to meet the new demands?

Fundação Dom Cabral will bring together sixteen stakeholders to guide us through the problems and possible solutions facing the industry. To increase registrant participation, most sessions rely upon panel discussions with questions posed by the audience.

Fourteen panelists are confirmed, including Richard Lobo, Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting; Renato Carvalho, President for Novartis in Brazil; and Lise Hammergren, BI Norwegian Business School and UNICON Board Chair 2020-2021.

Leading informational sessions during this 3-day event is Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO at AACSB Internastional and Marco Serrato, Associate Provost, University of Chicago and former UNICON Board Chair. Marco will present the results of the Financial Times CLO survey conducted earlier this year.

Don’t miss the latest thinking on how we move ahead as an industry.

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