Focus on the Team Development Conference: Functional Tracks

Focus on the Team Development Conference: Functional Tracks

Team Development Conference Organized in Functional Tracks

To maximize relevant experiences for participants, this year’s Team Development Conference is organized into functional tracks:

  • Directors Roundtable Track: For deans, directors and others who are among the most senior people in their organization
  • Program Management Track: For individuals primarily responsible for program execution, directors of individual programs, or others most heavily involved in the management of programs
  • Finance and Operations Track: For individuals involved in the administration of their unit or team – finance, operations, facilities, HR, legal, etc.
  • Marketing, Sales and Business Development Track: For individuals primarily or heavily responsible for the marketing, selling, or business development function of their unit or team
  • For those who might be unsure which track to choose, select the one most aligned with how you spend the majority of your time.

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