Forbes: Executive Education Takes A Leap Into The Future

Forbes: Executive Education Takes A Leap Into The Future

Executive Education Takes A Leap Into The Future

There will continue to be a role for classroom learning but education is embracing new technology.

Roger Trapp, Contributor
March 20, 2019

“All organizations are familiar with how complexity and the rapid pace of change are posing increasingly challenging questions. Appropriately enough, none understands this better than the providers of executive education. After all, they are seeking to offer guidance to embattled executives who no longer have the time to attend traditional classroom-based courses. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that the past couple of weeks have seen initiatives that indicate the way corporate learning could be heading.   …

Thinkers50, a London-based platform for identifying, ranking, and sharing leading management ideas, has launched what it calls an “innovative, leading-edge” Executive MBA degree in co-operation with the U.K.’s National Centre for Leadership and Management.   …

Perhaps more significant, given the involvement of arguably the biggest name in business education, was the announcement days later of a partnership between Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and Degreed, a San Francisco-based company that helps organizations provide personalized skill development.”

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