FutureU Podcast: “Explained: What is an OPM?”

FutureU Podcast: “Explained: What is an OPM?”

FutureU Podcast:

“Explained: What is an OPM?”

The FutureU podcast, hosted by Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn, released a new episode based on an interview with Phil Hill“Explained: What is an OPM?” The hope is the episode can be used as a resource to capture the basics of the Online Program Management (OPM) market.

The three discussed what an OPM is – the concept and typical set of services – as well as what OPM companies are not allowed to do, who the big OPM players are, how the market is changing, how institutional decision-making is changing, what the controversies are, how nonprofit conversions fit into the market, and what trends to watch.

The podcast episode page includes a full transcript as well.


About Phil Hill

Phil is co-founder of MindWires. In this role, Phil is a consultant, advisor and writer specializing in educational technology strategy and organizational change management. He has assisted multiple colleges, universities and systems of higher education in technology-enabled change initiatives, with an emphasis on application of educational technologies for both virtual and physical spaces.

Along with the team at MindWires, Phil has helped several statewide systems of colleges and universities to select and implement educational technology solutions, guided many colleges and universities with their own educational technology decisions, led the organizational change management efforts at one of the largest higher education ERP deployments in the past five years, led the strategic planning and organizational design efforts for several educational technology programs, and provided guidance on educational technology markets.



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