Going to SKOLKOVO?

Going to SKOLKOVO?

Going to SKOLKOVO?

Are you going to the 2019 UNICON Directors’ Conference in Moscow April 24 (Wednesday) – 26 (Friday)?

SKOLKOVO asks that everyone going to the Conference contact them upon receiving your Visa.

Current Russian Visa Process:

  • Regular Processing Time in Russian Consulate abroad is 10 Calendar Days from the day the documents are submitted to the Russian Consulate for review. Since the UNICON Conference starts in 6 weeks please arrange your travel plans accordingly.

Visa regulations may change, and SKOLKOVO can help you if you have concerns. Additionally, your confirmation will start the badging, logistics and invoicing processes.

Contact SKOLKOVO with your Visa confirmation:



Pre- and post-Conference Tours:

  • If you are interested in organizing pre- or post-tour in Russia please send a note to   UNICON2019_Travel_Support@skolkovo.ru. The desired travel options can be provided be the official travel partner – Zelenski Destination Management Solutions.


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