How Can UNICON Help Leaders In Executive Education Now?

How Can UNICON Help Leaders In Executive Education Now?

How Can UNICON Help Leaders In Executive Education Now?

Lise Hammergren, UNICON chair 2020-2021

On our website, we state that “Everyone with an interest in executive education and development looks to UNICON as their most vital resource”.  As the pandemic is simultaneously disrupting the exed industry and demonstrating the need for new skill sets among executives – how can UNICON provide timely value for our member schools?

The member institutions of UNICON have all had to move to virtual learning and virtual operations. The challenges of understanding the needs of our customers now, and of creating outstanding learning experiences and running our operations 100% online are obvious.  UNICON´s ambition is to remain a vital resource for our members whereas to creating opportunities to gain new insights, share experiences and best practice (always following the anti-trust regulations).

For those of you who have not yet joined the networking and knowledge sharing opportunity of our coffee break groups, here is some information about how you can join:

Instant knowledge about the consequences of COVID-19 on our industry can be found in the results from the flash surveys conducted this spring:

March 12 –

March 26 –

April 24 –

June 19 –

Insights about the needs of our customers now can be found in this interview, with SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management) by Associate Provost of the University of Chicago, Marco Serrato:

UNICON has already been able to offer two successful conferences 100% online, with Darden Executive Education and Yale School of Management as hosts. The virtual conferences are in themselves an opportunity to experience best practice from our members schools, and with the use of break out session, opportunities for networking.  The upcoming Team Development Conference hosted by Thunderbird School of Global Management November 17-20 will be another chance to learn from a world class online Executive Education provider.

This year’s Leadership Academy, a program for UNICON member school staff members with leadership potential who aspire to leading a university-based executive education business, will be run 100% on-line.  The program will include teamwork, projects, webinars, mentoring, individual development planning and peer coaching. More information about the Leadership Academy (starting October 28th,September 15th registration deadline) can be found here:

As always, the key value of UNICON comes from your active engagement. Our members are what makes UNICON a vibrant community of trust.


Lise Hammergren
Executive Vice President BI Norwegian Business School
UNICON chair 2020-2021



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