Logging In To Your Account

New Online Database

We have established a secure on-line database of UNICON members and associates.

We will use the database to send notifications and the UNICON News newsletter; you can search the database for UNICON members to connect to by email or LinkedIn.

Using the Online Database

To use the database, go to the UNICON home page https://www.uniconexed.org/ and select “Log In” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

There are two ways to log in:


1. Sign in using your LinkedIn email and password

You can add your direct LinkedIn URL, upload your personal image and connect your LinkedIn information by re-entering it into the UNICON fields.


2. Sign in with your email address associated with UNICON and the initial temporary password sent to you at the time of registration activation.

Once you’ve successfully signed in, change your password from the assigned password, Click “Change Password” on the main profile menu.

We hope our secure database will make it easier for you to communicate with fellow UNICON members by email and LinkedIn and in that process, make our community stronger.

Our Privacy Policy

Keeping your personal data safe and secure always will be our top priority. Our full Privacy Policy statement can be found here, https://www.uniconexed.org/privacy-policy/

You can find a link to this statement at the bottom of our home page https://uniconexed.org and our newsletter UNICON News.

We will never sell the database or your information. You control what information you will share, and you can opt out at any time.

We realize that some of you may need additional help setting up your profile. Dan Collins, editor@uniconexed.org will be available to help you with any questions you may have.

Please let us know your feedback on this new feature.

Bill Scheurer
UNICON executive director