Member Spotlight: Juan Pablo Soto Z, PhD. – Universidad de los Andes

Member Spotlight: Juan Pablo Soto Z, PhD. – Universidad de los Andes

UNICON has over 100 member institutions worldwide that are committed to the development and advancement of executive education. To celebrate our member institutions, we will be sharing spotlights and interviews of some of our members within the UNICON community.

Member Interview: Juan Pablo Soto Z, PhD., Associate Dean for Corporate Relations at Universidad de los Andes, UNICON Primary Representative and Benchmarking Committee Member


Please describe your role at your institution.

I’m the Associate Dean for Corporate Relations. My role consists of establishing and maintaining the link between individuals and organizations with Universidad de los Andes School of Management. As part of this, I lead several units including the alumni office, entrepreneurship center and executive education (custom, open and SME’s programs).

How long have you/your institution been a part of UNICON?

Since 2007.

What UNICON activities and resources do you engage in the most? Which activities and resources do you find the most valuable?

UNICON events, reports and committees.

Please describe your institution’s approach to executive education.

Executive education for us is core in our mission of educating leaders. Since we understand that, this can only happen if we are allies of companies and individuals throughout their professional lives.

How has your involvement with UNICON made an impact on both your professional career and the executive education program(s) at your institution?

UNICON becomes a place to understand the current state of the global market, as well as a place to develop good networking and relationships with other institutions to strengthen our offer in the current market.

How do you see executive education changing in the next few years?

Executive education will be the center of innovation for business schools. Also, executive education will be integrated with degree-seeking offers as part of a portfolio created to help individuals in their professional development.

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