Member Spotlight: Paul Lambert – Georgetown

Member Spotlight: Paul Lambert – Georgetown

UNICON has over 100 member institutions worldwide that are committed to the development and advancement of executive education. To celebrate our member institutions, we will be sharing spotlights and interviews of some of our members within the UNICON community.

Member Interview: Paul Lambert, Assistant Dean at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and UNICON Primary Representative

Please describe your role at your institution.

My name is Paul Lambert and I am the Assistant Dean within Custom Executive Programs at Georgetown University. In this role, I work with the custom team to manage and design custom executive education programs for our clients across the world.

How long have you/your institution been a part of UNICON?

Georgetown has been a UNICON member for about six years.

What UNICON activities and resources do you engage in the most? Which activities and resources do you find the most valuable?

Our team finds the conferences highly valuable. The ability to interact with and learn from others in the executive education field is incredibly helpful. We learn so much every time we attend. The friendships and kindness that exist within the UNICON membership is an extra bonus! We also find the reports, particularly the benchmarking report, very helpful. It is an extremely valuable tool for understanding market trends and landscape.

Please describe your institution’s approach to executive education.

The key focus at Georgetown is customization. Georgetown tries hard to ensure each program is tailored to context and needs of those they work with. Given our location, we often have clients that come with very complicated challenges that are a mixture of business, policy, and geopolitics. Such complexity requires attention to detail and a significant effort to stay abreast of a multidimensional, globalizing world.

How has your involvement with UNICON made an impact on both your professional career and the executive education program(s) at your institution?

Georgetown’s involvement has definitely impacted the exec ed programs and our personal professional journeys. Each time our team attends a UNICON event, we come back with implementable ideas that can improve our program design, program management, faculty relations or market strategy. I can think of several specific practices we engage in now that are a result of learning in UNICON events.

How do you see executive education changing in the next few years?

Generally, I expect the executive education industry will continue to grow, but competition will increase. I think success in the future exec ed market depends a lot on how a given university sees executive education. For most business schools, their executive education shops are the part of the school that is most connected to the marketplace, which means those shops are the most knowledgeable regarding market demand, trends, and challenges. Business schools that recognize that will invest in their executive education operations to ensure the rest of the school benefits from that market connection. Business schools that only see executive education as a revenue generator will fail to keep up. In sum, there is a bright future for executive education providers that are ready to learn, adapt and invest. 

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