Member Spotlight: Serge Lafrance – HEC Montreal

Member Spotlight: Serge Lafrance – HEC Montreal

UNICON has over 100 member institutions worldwide that are committed to the development and advancement of executive education. To celebrate our member institutions, we will be sharing spotlights and interviews of some of our members within the UNICON community.

Member Interview: Serge Lafrance, Director, Executive Programs at HEC Montreal and UNICON Primary Representative 

Please describe your role at your institution.

My name is Serge Lafrance and I am the Director within Executive Programs at HEC Montreal. In this role, I work with the open and custom team to manage and design custom executive education programs for our clients across the world.

How long have you/your institution been a part of UNICON?

HEC Montreal is a new UNICON member approved by the UNICON board meeting in November 2018.

What UNICON activities and resources do you engage in the most? Which activities and resources do you find the most valuable?

The most valuable UNICON activities are the conferences. I also find the benchmarking and research reports to be quite valuable. It is an extremely valuable tool for understanding market trends and landscape. The ability to interact with and learn from others in the executive education field is incredibly helpful.

Please describe your institution’s approach to executive education.

At Executive Education HEC Montréal, we help leaders, managers and professionals shift their careers into high gear. Our hands-on approach benefits businesses of all sizes, both here at home and around the world. Moreover, Executive Education HEC Montréal Montreal is at the heart of the digital revolution. We aim at being your partner in your growth and better handling the impact of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) on our client business through our innovative programs and partnerships: CDL, NEXT AI.

How has your involvement with UNICON made an impact on both your professional career and the executive education program(s) at your institution?

UNICON is a unique organization and allows us to deepen our knowledge of the market and develop relationships and agreements with other schools around the world in executive training. In order to strengthen HEC Montréal as one of the world leaders in executive education, contributing to the consortium’s activities is an important step for us.

How do you see executive education changing in the next few years?

I predict there will be a continuation of the current trend of tailor-made activity and the development of the personalization of activities, whether it be for businesses or individuals. Training over the course of a professional’s life is intended to develop more and more and this will offer us great opportunities provided we adapt constantly to the current and future needs of our corporate clients. Beyond training activities, we believe that we must best support our customers through service activities in order to strengthen our impact. This is in full alignment with the positioning of Executive Education HEC Montréal Montreal as a growth partner.

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