New Board Chair Cathy Shea Addresses Membership

New Board Chair Cathy Shea Addresses Membership


Cathy Shea, UNICON Board Chair 2016-2017


Dear UNICON Members,

As a fellow UNICON member for nearly 25 years, I have developed a great fondness and respect for the organization and its members.   So I am delighted and honored to serve as the Chair of the UNICON board for this upcoming year.

The organization continues to evolve in a purposeful and exciting way, thanks to the outstanding leadership demonstrated by my recent predecessors, Board Chairs Clark Callahan and Kelly Bean.  I thank them for their commitment to UNICON, as they conclude their very productive board terms this July.

UNICON is a member-driven organization and thrives because of what you do.  So, I invite you to be active and engaged.  I know you all have busy and demanding jobs, and time is scarce!  My hope is that by engaging with UNICON, you will become more creative, more inspired and more productive.  In that way, the time you spend interacting with your UNICON colleagues will pay enormous dividends for you.

We have lots of new initiatives and ongoing projects that provide opportunities for you to fully engage with UNICON:

  • Connect and communicate with your colleagues and peers anytime, anywhere, using our social media channels.
  • We invite every member school to use the content hub on our brand new website to share relevant articles and links that explore hot topics and advance the thought leadership in our industry.
  • Participate in our annual State of the Industry study, and the upcoming pulse surveys.
  • Read and share the research we do that looks deeply and broadly at future trends and possibilities in University-based Executive Education.
  • Be a committed community of learners:
    • Participate in our regularly-scheduled webinars
    • Attend one of our face to face conferences/workshops as an attendee or a panelist/presenter
    • Participate in an upcoming pilot of an online conference
    • Look for our exciting new high potential leadership development program designed by and for UNICON members

These are exciting times for our industry and our organization.  I am very much looking forward to serving you for the next twelve months in every way I can.

Very truly yours,


Cathy Shea



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