Opportunity to Publish Industry Article

Opportunity to Publish Industry Article

Help Build Our Collective Knowledge

With recent developments to our UNICON webpage, we are now able to offer you and your colleagues an opportunity to publish an industry article.

One of the goals of our new website is to build a stronger university-based executive education community by providing industry experts an opportunity to  share ideas and opinions.

At the same time, we’d like to hear from everyone, so the board is asking that each member school contribute one-submission-per-year.  Your post can be focused on a question (e.g. how do we differentiate ourselves from training companies and consulting firms), an assessment of a training tool (e.g. what we know about Learning Management Systems),  or even operational suggestions (e.g. how we are improving margins through efficiencies).

The length could be from 500 to 5000 words in length or simply a video of someone on your team taking a perspective about any issue related to Executive Education.

Recently we learned that AACSB will be providing UNICON with questions that they’d like our UNICON members to answer on their webpage.  These articles would be posted on both sites, creating even more visibility for you and your school.

We hope that you or another member of your institution’s executive education staff or faculty will take this opportunity to help build our collective knowledge.

UNICON welcomes articles and videos from our membership. Please send your material to your UNICON primary representative for proper routing.

Thank you for your consideration of this important activity.


Peter Methot
Co-Chair – Communications Committee


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