Available Positions

      Positions Available

      Want to advertise an Executive Education position on the UNICON website?

      As a service to the university executive education community (UNICON members and non-member university-based providers), UNICON will post job opportunities relating to management development and executive education.

      Please follow these simple guidelines in preparing and communicating your position: 

      > Opportunities should be no more than one page in length

      > Briefly describe the job and the qualifications being sought

      > Indicate to whom inquiries and résumés should be sent; this information will be included in the advertisement

      > Include a deadline, reference number, logotype and the job location as applicable

      > Indicate the name and email of a contact person and his/her telephone number at the originating institution; this information will not be published unless it’s the same as the inquiry contact

      > The posting will remain on this site for at least two months, until notified the job has been filled, or until a deadline in the ad has passed

      > It is the sole right of UNICON to determine which openings will be posted

      > UNICON reserves the right to shorten or alter the content to fit our format

      > Posting of a job is a service of UNICON and does not imply endorsement of the originating organization

      > UNICON does not act as a referral agent

      > UNICON and its contractors and employees are not responsible for typos, omissions or missed deadlines

      > Individuals respond directly to the organization with the opening

      > The material can be sent in the body of an email or attached to an email in text, PDF or Word formatting.

      > For best results, advertise at least a month before a position closes

      Please send Executive Education positions to: editor@uniconexed.org