Mission, Aspiration, Core Values

Mission, Aspiration, Core Values

Mission Statement

UNICON exists to foster the continued development of university-based executive education by helping its members better serve their clients.

This is accomplished by:

  • Enhancing the professionalism and effectiveness of university-based executive education departments and their leadership through the creation of cooperative relationships among members.
  • Creating forums to promote interaction and understanding in the field of executive education between leadership in industry and academia.
  • Developing unique products and services that will enable providers to better identify and address their client’s evolving needs.
  • Building alliances with other organizations similarly committed to the field.


The global reference for executive education

UNICON and its members comprise the global reference for executive education. Everyone with an interest in Executive Education/Executive Development looks to UNICON as their most vital resource.

UNICON’s aspiration is that its members are the most relevant, most successful, and most sought-after learning partners for leaders and organizations who want to improve their performance. Through participation in UNICON, the leaders, managers, and team members of its member organizations gain new knowledge, inspiration, new perspectives, capabilities for enhancing the effectiveness of their operations, and a global network of colleagues. They stay at the forefront of the industry, and together help create the future of the Executive Education industry.

Core Values

UNICON as a collaborative organization

  1. Is composed of schools that have a natural affinity based on their strong commitment to quality executive development
  2. Builds respectful relationships and networks among its members
  3. Is an open organization that is strengthened by the willingness of members to share information
  4. Is a “community of practice” where members learn from each other
  5. Encourages collaborative initiatives

UNICON as a knowledge-based organization

  1. Draws on the expertise of its members, initiates and funds research, gathers and disseminates benchmarking data
  2. Engages in dialogue with experts in the field of executive development
  3. Explores the business context in which its members operate to gain perspective for enhancing executive education offerings
  4. Is self-reflective, evaluating its accomplishments and striving for improvement

UNICON as a service organization

  1. Designs practical services and products to serve members’ strategic and operational needs
  2. Operates in a fiscally responsible manner
  3. Supports growth and quality of the university market
Updated February, 2021