Uber’s Harvard-Inspired “University”

Uber’s Harvard-Inspired “University”

Inside Uber’s Effort To Fix Its Culture Through A Harvard-Inspired ‘University’

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published Feb 3, 2018


The idea of a corporate university isn’t new. Apple’s Steve Jobs famously set up Apple University to teach company lore and indoctrinate employees in the company’s quirky ethos. McDonald’s Hamburger University teaches restaurant management skills and already has over 275,000 graduates.

But few, if any, startups have done it as quickly or with as much fervor as Uber. Given that the company has been lurching from crisis to crisis for more than a year, it’s newfound dedication to ‘educating’ managers and employees is not entirely surprising.

While many online classes are typically just watching a professor talk into an online video, Harvard had constructed a studio called HBX Live. A professor still stands in the middle to deliver the lecture, but in front of the lecturer is a wall of 60 screens, which broadcast the students in the class.



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