UNICON Collaborates with AACSB

UNICON Collaborates with AACSB

UNICON Collaborates with AACSB

Over the past few years UNICON has partnered with AACSB and EMBAC on three very successful research projects that have been shared with you.  Progress is being made on a fourth project that should launch in the next few months.  Collaboration such as this, with organizations that overlap our space, can produce many benefits to our membership.

With that in mind, we have engaged with AACSB to explore other opportunities, where we can collaborate to the benefit of our respective constituents.  With overarching goals to connect academia with practice, to effectively adapt to an industry trend toward non-degree business education and to provide executive education information and support to deans and faculty, this collaboration makes good sense for UNICON and AACSB.

In the coming months you may see evidence of this emerging collaboration.  Tom Robinson, CEO of AACSB, will be making a presentation at our upcoming Team Development Conference and we are exploring other exchanges that we feel will be of benefit and interest to you.

Bill Scheurer
UNICON Executive Director


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