UNICON Directors’ Conference 2021 Topics

UNICON Directors’ Conference 2021 Topics

UNICON Directors’ Conference 2021

Virtually hosted by FDC – Fundação Dom Cabral

April 14-16

Wed. 9:00 AM Eastern – Friday, 1:00 pm

The overarching theme, “New Models in the Executive Education Industry: Demand and Supply” is presented in a series of Zoom meetings over the three-day conference.

April 14 will feature sessions on “Learnings from COVID – Operational and Strategic Choices.” The first session will delve into what changes will remain post-Covid. Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO, AACSB, who will speak on AACSB and Executive Education. The morning will be rounded out by Marco Serrato, University of Chicago who will be joined by Financial Times Global Education Editor Andrew Jack to discuss the Chief Learning Officer Survey conducted in partnership by UNICON and the Financial Times.

The theme for day two, “The New Aspirations: What is the market demanding?” will consider the future of organizational development with Andrea Salgueiro, CEO Whirlpool Brazil. The first session will bring the voice, experience, and perspective from the industry/buyer side of Executive Education. The second session identifies key life stages, their critical success factors and assesses how they may imply in different business models for Executive Education. The third session will look at the cultural changes supporting the demand for new executive education models.

Day three will focus upon building new ways of collaboration. The first session will bring the voice, experience, and perspective from different providers of Executive Education with Lindsay Levin, founder Leaders Quest, Pedro Pontes, Executive Director for Education at Accenture and others.

The second session will feature an industry roundtable on rethinking value creation and value capture. The session will explore and challenge participants to share best practices and think about opportunities to grow the business.

In the last session of the conference, Ana Paula Assis, IBM; Renato Carvalho, CEO Novartis Brazil discuss a FDC initiative named “The CEO’s Legacy.” This is an initiative that brings together 35 CEOs engaged with the construction of a more inclusive society, a sustainable environment and a more conscious business system.

Don’t miss the latest thinking on how we move ahead as an industry.

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