UNICON Research Papers Posted

UNICON Research Papers Posted

Back on line: Years of UNICON-sponsored Research

You may have noticed that our new website is maturing fast. We are well along in adding an image carousel to each institution’s description page. Later, we will be tagging articles schools post on the UNICON site so that links to them appear on the institution’s description page as well.

And now, years of UNICON-sponsored research is available on the new site.  The research is arranged by year, in the same way the research section was organized on our previous website.

There are papers from 2001, when UNICON examined elearning. In 2002, we looked at best practices in executive education and again in 2012. In 2005, we explored ROI in executive education. There are articles on innovation, customer needs, MOOCs, and several articles on trends in the industry.

Access the entire archive now

You will always find the archive by going to the Content Hub in the top site navigation menu.


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