UNICON Research Report, February 2017

UNICON Research Report, February 2017

Changing Organizational Models of Executive Education:

Exploring Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Marie Eiter, Jenny Stine, Toby Woll

The hypothesis of this research is that there is inherent tension between the current demands of the market and the organizational capability and structure of the university-based business school.

The organizational model of universities, as faculty-driven, research-oriented institutions focused on individual learners, is incongruent with what customers want from university-based executive education providers.

As a result, a number of UNICON members are adapting their organizational structure to meet the demands of today’s market. Others are deploying task forces to explore alternatives to traditional structures. Many are struggling to manage within the confines of their existing system.

This paper and the supporting webinar will be of most interest to individuals associated with institutions within UNICON.

Full Report: https://www.uniconexed.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Changing-Models-Final-Copy-with-PS-as-distributed.pdf

Webinar Slides: Changing_Organizational_Models_of_Executive_Education-Eiter_Stine_Woll-02-2017


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