UNICON Annual Workshop: Unlocking the ROI in Executive Education

UNICON Annual Workshop: Unlocking the ROI in Executive Education

UNICON Annual Workshop
July 17-18

Unlocking the ROI of Executive Education

Colleagues of UNICON:

The Rutgers Business School Executive Education team is eagerly crafting a learning experience for you! Our goal is to stimulate collaborative and practical solutions around the broad challenge of measuring return on investment in executive education.

As a preview, let’s begin with the industry challenge. Based on our experiences, a review of industry perspectives, and the insight of colleagues across the industry, we have isolated five themes underscoring why our clients invest in executive education programs:

  1. Growth: Whether strategic or financial, clients are looking to grow their top-line business performance.
  2. Profitability: This often means doing more business with fewer resources and can be achieved through increased efficiency and productivity.
  3. Skills Development: Moving beyond the basic satisfaction surveys to transferred skills and applicability in the context of the learners’ on-the-job challenges.
  4. Collaboration and Engagement: As workforces become more specialized, there is an increased need to stimulate innovative, creative, agile, and adaptive solutions by cross-pollinating disparate and deep knowledge.
  5. Succession: Identifying and cultivating talent from within an organization to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Building on these five critical challenges faced by our clients, we as a consortium will seek to address the measurement of impact that executive education programs have on their respective organizations. You may be asking yourself, “How will we crack this code?” The answer lies somewhere between “just trust us” and the unique opportunity to hear from a sample of corporate clients while simultaneously applying design thinking with lean principles to deliver an agile solution.

In all seriousness, we will arm you with some pre-program data to prep your thinking. You will arrive in New Jersey energized and ready to work hard. Within the 24-hour workshop you will have created and presented your team’s solution to a board of corporate professionals that will evaluate the quality and practicality of the solution. As any good workshop offers, there will be some level of healthy competition: two groups will go head-to-head in each of the five challenge tracks to deliver the best solution, so bring your “coopetition” gear.

Amidst all of this ground-breaking and hard work, the Rutgers team has planned many exciting opportunities to experience New Jersey.

For one excursion, we will head east of the Turnpike and spend the evening with our toes in the sand enjoying local music and authentic regional cuisine.

The other experiential excursion sends the group west to a historic estate-turned-farm resort where we will create memories through agricultural and culinary exploration. In other words, don’t dress too fancy, bring a sense of adventure and a willingness to work hard with your colleagues – it’s going to be a New Jersey adventure!

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, do yourself and us a favor and stop procrastinating:


With gratitude,

The RBSEE Team


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