Upcoming Benchmarking Surveys

Upcoming Benchmarking Surveys

Upcoming Benchmarking Surveys

We want to make all UNICON participants aware of upcoming UNICON Benchmarking Surveys scheduled for this fall.  Each of these surveys addresses different and vital aspects of the non-degree executive education:

St. Gallen Executive Education Report of Learning & Development Professionals

New this year, UNICON is collaborating with member school University of St. Gallen to invite UNICON members to participate in the 2018 St Gallen Executive Education Report (SEER). The invitation will be released to UNICON Primary Representatives on August 21.

This Primary Representative invitation may be shared with custom executive education clients. Please note that the SEER questionnaire is intellectual property of St Gallen.

2017 State of the Membership Survey

The annual UNICON State of the Membership Survey will be released to UNICON Schools on August 31, 2017.   This web-based survey provides critical information about the state of the non-degree executive education business in the most recently completed school year.

The survey is addressed to UNICON Primary Representatives, but you may be called upon to participate in crafting responses for your organization.

The 2017 Report of all survey results will be available to participating schools later this fall and will be discussed at the December Team Conference.

Benchmarking Pulse Surveys

Later this fall, UNICON will resume Benchmarking Pulse Surveys – short surveys on topics of immediate interest to the non-degree Executive Education community.   Watch for these Pulse Survey links in forthcoming UNICON email newsletters.

Through these surveys, the UNICON Board of Directors and Benchmarking Committee are working to provide UNICON member schools with current and valuable information about the state of our industry.



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