Upcoming: Three Online Events Address Business Trends In The Executive Education Industry

Upcoming: Three Online Events Address Business Trends In The Executive Education Industry

Upcoming: Three Online Events Address Business Trends In The Executive Education Industry

UNICON Town Hall Meeting

“Preparing for the Business Impact of Covid-19; Executive Education”

Tuesday, May 26th – 9am EDT

This keynote features Wharton faculty member, Professor Mauro Guillen, Zandman Professor of International Management, The Wharton School, and author of “The AIDS Disaster – The Failure of Organizations in New York and the Nation” (the last pandemic), “The Architecture of Collapse’ and the Rising Instability of the Global System” and “2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything” (available August 25, 2020). This session will be facilitated by Rob Dietel, Director, Executive Programs at MIT Sloan School of Management.

COVID-19: Long-Term Economic and Social Implications

The short-term implications of the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic are painfully apparent. But what might be the long-term implications? Is the crisis a game-changer, a turning point? Or does it represent an acceleration of preexisting trends? Demographic and technological trends are likely to be intensified by the crisis, especially at the micro level. Inequality is likely to be exacerbated at the macro level. De-globalization will depend on the extent to which protectionism, nationalism, and populism prevail over liberalism.

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IEDP and UNICON Directors’ Roundtable

Covid-19 Impact on Executive Education

“Emerging from the CrisisTalent Development in a New Normal”

Wednesday, June 3rd 10am EDT

Sharing strategies and action steps for dealing with the disruption in our executive education industry. Peter Hirst (MIT Sloan School of Management), Mike Malefakis (The Wharton School), Katharina Lange (IMD – International Institute for Management Development) and Markus Frank (St. Gallen Executive School of Management, Technology and Law), will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their executive education business, their internal operations and faculty. This session will be co-hosted by IEDP and facilitated by Roddy Millar, Editorial Director, IEDP Developing Leaders.

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UNICON Online Event:

“The Voice of the Customer During Covid-19”


Alexander Alonso, Chief Knowledge Officer, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), will be interviewed by Marco Serrato, Associate Provost, University of Chicago and Chair, UNICON board of directors.

June 10, 9am EDT 

They will uncover the challenges HR is facing to develop executive talent during the lockdown and how university-based executive education can help them meet that challenge.

Dr. Alonso represents 300,000 HR professionals around the globe and has just hosted a SHRM gathering on this very topic.

Tune in to this session to hear the voice of the customer.

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