Yale Takes UNICON Annual Workshop Online

Yale Takes UNICON Annual Workshop Online

Yale Takes UNICON Annual Workshop Online

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“Innovation Through Connection”

Gain tools derived from research in emotional intelligence and innovation to connect deeply with clients and adopt a stakeholder lens for insightful program design.

July 8 – 9, 2020

2x half days, 8am-11am EST

Join Executive Education peers from around the globe at this year’s annual UNICON workshop. Hosted online over two days, the workshop features Yale faculty facilitating live, thought-provoking exercises and discussions. Staff and experts are preparing for an interactive exchange of ideas and building opportunities to catch up.

Here are two presentations you will want to see:

Emotional Intelligence I

This interactive lecture with Emma Seppälä goes over the four facets of emotional intelligence for better outcomes at work. The audience will both learn the science of emotional intelligence and gain practical tools to enhance their own emotional intelligence.

Emma Seppälä, Ph.D is Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and the author of The Happiness Track (HarperOne, 2016). She is also Co-Director of the Yale College Emotional Intelligence Project at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Faculty Director of the Yale School of Management’s Women’s Leadership Program.

Reframing as a Tool for Innovation

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior Professor Rodrigo Canales will review the growing need for companies to innovate in today’s marketplace. He will teach a powerful tool for innovation called Reframing, in which leaders use customer archetypes to generate insights and new ideas.


Rodrigo Canales does research at the intersection of organizational theory and institutional theory, with a special interest in the role of institutions for economic development. Specifically, Rodrigo studies how individuals are affected by and in turn purposefully change complex organizations or systems.

This event is open to all individuals associated with UNICON institutions

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