UNICON Leadership Academy Application

Leadership Academy Application


Thank you for applying to the UNICON Leadership Academy.

The UNICON Leadership Academy is an eight-month development program designed specifically for university-based executive education professionals seeking to transition into leadership roles within member schools. The Academy is designed for individuals seeking T-shaped leadership development within the Executive Education industry and Director-level leaders, with two years of University experience.

The Academy is geared towards analyzing the Business Model proposition and is fully integrated into the Team Development Conference. The program will include teamwork, projects, webinars, mentoring, individual development planning, peer coaching, and participation in the annual team conference. The Leadership Academy registration fee is $500.

Please note that the above fee does not include the Team Development Conference fee. You must register/pay for the Team Development Conference separately.

To complete your application, please provide the information and items requested below, including 3 documents prepared for upload, in PDF format. If these items are not ready for upload, you may exit this application and return when these items have been prepared.

  1. Current Resume / CV
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Essay addressing the following points:
  • Describe your executive education experience.
  • What attracted you to executive education and why do you want to continue in this field in a University setting?
  • What are your ultimate goals and how do you see a program like the UNICON Leadership Academy enhancing your growth?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenge for University-based executive education?
  • How do you see your future role in the industry and “tackling” these challenges?

Upload your Resume/CV in PDF Format.

Upload your letter of recommendation in PDF format.

Upload your essay in PDF format.